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Merthyr scouts voted Community Fund winners

The 2nd Merthyr Scouts have been voted as the latest winners of St Tydfil Shopping Centre’s St Tydfil Cares Community Fund and now have £200 to spend at Trespass, the outdoor activities store.

At the beginning of the year, local groups that could benefit from funds to purchase outdoor equipment were invited to nominate themselves, then four were chosen to go through to a public vote. In excess of 500 votes were received with the scouts coming out on top.

The 2nd Merthyr Scouts have members aged between 6 and 14 attending three different sections and, as part of the scouting ethos is to get outdoors and camp as much as possible, the group will be purchasing extra kit which can be loaned out.

Barrie McConnell, Group Scout Leader at the 2nd Merthyr Scouts, commented:

“As the cost of outdoor equipment can stop some young people attending events, we will be using the Trespass vouchers to add to our kit so all our members can enjoy and benefit from scouting activities. A huge thank you to everyone that voted for us and St Tydfil Shopping Centre for the vouchers to spend at the centre.”

Lee Simmonds, Centre Manager at St Tydfil Shopping Centre, added:

“Our St Tydfil Cares Community Fund is all about helping local groups and charities do something they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. Congratulations to the 2nd Merthyr Scouts, we hope their members have a lot of fun with the new equipment.”

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