In the Footsteps of Dic Penderyn

Follow in the footsteps of Dic Penderyn - was he a hero, villain or victim of the Merthyr Rising? You decide!

Join local historian Viv Pugh on this guided walk through Merthyr Tydfil as he takes us to places where the leaders of the rising would have met to formulate their plans and to the locations of several flashpoints during the rising.

Find out about the symbolism of the red flag, the storming of the Courts of Requests, the link to Merthyr's Iron Heart and the massacre outside the Castle Inn.

Dic Penderyn was hanged on August 13th 1831; his last words were "O Arglwydd, dyma gamwedd" (Oh Lord, what an injustice)!

Hero, villain or victim? You decide!

Add to Calendar In the Footsteps of Dic Penderyn In the Footsteps of Dic Penderyn Europe/London May 23rd, 11:00am May 23rd, 11:00am Meet outside The New Crown Inn We Love Merthyr
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