This Incredible Life

Canoe Theatre and Theatrau Sir Gâr present
This Incredible Life
By Alan Harris

Redhouse Theatre

Mab has spent her life telling stories. Incredible stories.
She was a jet-setting journalist, putting people’s lives into print.
As a young boy, her nephew Robert, hung on her every word. He doesn’t listen anymore.

In a time when fake news has made it into the vernacular, and the line between fact and fiction becomes blurred, does truth really matter?

Let Alan Harris’ latest comedy sweep you off your feet with live music, film and a story that will lift the spirits and warm your heart, MGM style.
This Dementia Friendly production will be supported by workshops and activities.

Contact the venue for more information.

Tickets: £7 Book online or phone 01685 384111

Duration: 90 minutes

Night Out Young Promoters performance.

Add to Calendar This Incredible Life This Incredible Life Europe/London October 1st, 4:30pm October 1st, 4:30pm Redhouse We Love Merthyr
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